CALL TO ACTION #contactlesscoffee


SCA Ireland are partnering with Conscious Cup Campaign, to encourage and promote an already-existing initiative, called  #contactlesscoffee. Cloud Picker published a video widely seen in the media, of how #contactlesscoffee can be served safely, and many of you may already be also doing this. 

Initially the Covid 19 pandemic safety precautions had understandably pushed cafés towards single use disposables, however in June, Greenpeace published a statement, signed by 125 health experts from 19 countries, defending the safety of the proper use of reusables. One of these is Professor Luke O’Neill of Trinity College Dublin, one of the five leading immunologists in the world, and he has endorsed reusables as safe to use.

In 2018 it was published that 22,000 cups were thrown away per hour in Ireland, and it is estimated that less than 1% of single use cups and lids are properly processed for recycling or composting. In order to limit ongoing environmental harm, it’s important to know that we can now return to advocating for reusable cups, and do it safely.

Below is a map of cafes serving #contactlesscoffee. If this is something you offer, we’d like to know about it, and add your business to the map. If you tag @sca_ireland and @consciouscupcampaign on your social media posts, use the hashtag #contactlesscoffee and we will repost, as will Sorcha, from Conscious Cup. If you’d like to make a short video of how you do #contactlesscoffee for us to post across social media platforms, please DM it @sca_ireland on Instagram.

We are 20 years on from when the UN Sustainable Development Goals were set, and with ten years to go,  the UN Global Compact Progress Report reports that we are NOT on track to meet the climate change goals, BUT…we still have time to do it! So, 2020 is an important year, and marks the beginning of what the UN calls “The Decade of Action”!  According to @time magazine, “2020 is our last, best chance to save the planet”.

Cloud Picker coffee show #contactlesscoffee done safely!