Renata Malyszko

Renata Malyszko – WCE Visual Certified Judge, AST.

“I started working with coffee in 2011 in Bewley’s. I quickly realised that I had a rea15310483_10211188956342370_2129765756_nl passion for it, so I entered the Latte Art Competition for the first time in 2013. But this was just the beginning. The real adventure started when I got my current job as Coffee Quality Consultant in Java Republic where I educate myself on coffee knowledge, brewing and sensory skills every day.

After competing in ILAC for few years I decided to step to the other side of the competition table and experience what it is like to be a judge. I am a WCE Visual Latte Art certified judge since February 2016. A few months later I also joined the Irish AST’s team. Coffee is big part of my life as well as meeting people who are equally as passionate about this industry as I am.