Irish Brewers Cup 2019 – Our Sponsors


In the ’60s, Heinz Hankammer founded the company BRITA, inspired by his daughter’s name. The idea behind it: to optimise tap water and in 1970, Brita launched the first water filter jug.

As any good barista will know that the secret to a great coffee is using great water, with the standard cup of cup is made up of between 90 – 98 percent water, making it the most important ingredient in brewing. Elements in water can influence your coffee’s taste, consistency and appearance. Brita now produce an entire range of filters, specifically for use in coffee shops and for brewing coffee.The result: water that tastes cleaner and fresher and aids in the brewing process.

We are delighted to have Brita as one of our primary sponsors for the Irish Brewers Cup 2019.
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Urnex Brands, LLC, originally the Royal Urn Bag Company, was founded in 1936 to help the roasters and brewers in Manhattan deliver delicious coffee to demanding customers.

Urnex has come a long way since then, but their products have always represented the highest standards of quality, consistency, and effectiveness. Urnex pride themselves on their long history as a manufacturing organisation and the close relationships of trust and communication they have built with their customers around the world. Creating products based on proprietary formulas developed through an intimate understanding of coffee equipment allows Urnex to offer a solution for every brewing need.

We are delighted to have Urnex as one of our primary sponsors for the Irish Brewers Cup 2019.
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Marco Beverage Systems

Marco Beverage Systems Ltd are one of the leading hot water delivery companies in the world. This Irish company specialises in providing hot water systems, coffee brewers and tea brewers for savvy brew enthusiasts around the globe and theres no doubt you will have seen them in use in many of your favourite cafes throughout Ireland, because of their consistency and reliability when working in a busy environment. 

On the day of the Brewers cup, we will have our Marco PB8 boilers in full swing allowing all of our contestants to use as they wish, with three set temperatures available on demand.

We are delighted to have Marco as a sponsor for the Irish Brewers Cup 2019.
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Hope Beer

Hope Beer has been producing craft beer at Howth Junction on the Kilbarrack Road since June 2016. Founded by a group of 3 old school-friends, they are now a team of 7 with a passion for making great beer which is widely available in Dublin! While Hope have a core range of 5 beers that they brew all year round, the real fun happens with their Limited Editions and Innovation brews from their pilot kit.

Their first excursion into coffee was with the Flat White Stout in March 2018 when they added 750 of Upside Coffee’s finest double espressos, lactose and Muscovado to create a smooth, velvety stout. Hope collaborated with Upside again just before Christmas for Limited Edition No. 13, this time an espresso stout, full of caramel and toasted malt flavours.

Like the sound of these? Well, Hope Beer have provided us with lots of tasty craft beer for the day of the competition, including a limited supply of both the Flat White Stout and the Espresso Stout – yum!
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3fe are a Dublin based coffee company, who focus on buying, roasting, selling and preparing coffee of exceptionally high quality. Starting out as a small coffee bar in the front lobby of a night club just over nine years ago, Colin Harmon’s 3fe now boasts five locations across Dublin, each of which offer their own unique character, from take-away bars, to all day dining, but always with a focus on serving consistently excellent products.

Apart from running their own cafes, 3fe source, roast and wholesale coffee throughout many of your favourite cafes in Ireland (and internationally!), as well as being the Irish distributors for top notch espresso equipment company, Victoria Arduino. They also ship coffee all over the world, straight to your front door!

For the 2019 Brewers Cup, 3fe have opened the doors of their roastery and provided us with the space and lots of the resources to host the competition and we are thrilled to have them involved in this years competition.
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