What’s your name and What did you do prior to coffee?

My name is Dorian and prior to coffee I was actually pursuing my milestone for a wide range of knowledge. I love to learn new things and so I spent a lot of time reading, watching and doing things that seemed interesting to me. That coffee-less stage didn’t last for too long as I started drinking coffee at 14. I’m a huge science enthusiast and aim to get a double major in genetics and plant biology from my current science course.

When and how did you first get into Coffee?

My first encounter with coffee was a very distasteful one. Following the teenage band wagon at 14, my first ever experience with coffee was Starbucks. I soon started to develop a taste for black, sugar-free coffees and moved onto cafes in my area. At 16 I received a trial from Shoe Lane Coffee which was unsuccessful but got my interest in speciality coffee. Since then I’ve been learning about the science, politics and economics of coffee. At 18 then I was successfully hired by Coffeeangel and continued my speciality coffee journey.

How did you get involved in SCA?

I got involved in SCA to become a better and more knowledgeable barista. I don’t think working in Coffeeangel as a job but as a hobby. I’m happy to go to work every morning.

What encouraged you to become an ambassador and what area do you cover?

I enjoy talking to people and making them enthusiastic about something I care about. I know for a fact there are many people that want to understand coffee the way I do and being an ambassador would allow me to not only represent the SCA in Dublin but to help everyone truly and knowledgably appreciate coffee.

Where do you see the chapter going with your involvement?

I see it going into a more involved and interactive direction, especially involving young people who are desperate to make a difference and know more.

Why would you encourage people to become members of SCA?

Being a member of the SCA is an honour. It’s the one association that you know that every member is passionate about what you love. It also ensures that speciality coffee can grow and progress.

What coffee are you currently drinking and how is it brewed?

Right now my burr grinder is loaded up with washed Murang’ a Gondo peaberry beans from Kenya that I brew with a v60 every morning.