SCAE Ireland FAQ’s


Q1. Do I have to be a member to register for a competition?

A1. All competitiors must be a member of SCA in order to take part in any SCA competition.


Q2. How do I become an SCA member?

A2. you can become an SCA member by joining here


Q3. I work for a company and my company is a member of SCAE – how do I register?

A3. All companies have different status of membership.

Visit for the types of membership and complete your registration as appropriate

Companies can enter 1/2/4/10 employees as secondary members depending on membership type


Q4. Can we pay by cheque or bank transfer?

A4. All payments are now processed online, to speed up registration, to help manage administration and to provide one point of registration for all competitors.


Q5. Where can i find the rules for the competitions

A5. Visit to download the competition rules for each competition.


Q6. I don’t have paypal – how can I pay ?

A6. If you follow the links for Paypal payment portal you can also use a debit or credit card without going through paypal

How to pay
How to pay