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2012 Avonmore IBC Scores

Colin 700.5

Lorraine 632

Megumi 623.5

Julia 607

Rob 595.5

Vini 534.5


The SCAE would like to extend its congratulations to Colin and to Ruslan who won the Latte Art Competition on the day.

Photos to follow (ps if you have photos drop me a message in the comments below).

Avonmore Irish Barista Championship Finalists

Congratulations in no particular order are due to your 2012 (yes, I know) Avonmore Irish Barista Championship finalists:

  • Rob Smyth (Brew Bar Café)
  • Lorraine Whelan (3FE)
  •  Vinicius Arruda (The Humble Bean)
  • Colin Harmon (3FE)
  • Julia McKenna (Clements Coffee)
  • Megumi Ueno (Brew Bar Café)


Massive thanks to all the competitors for their tremendous efforts. While the 6 above succeeded on the day, there were other competitors who showed great promise and will no doubt be future finalists, perhaps champions.

We must also note the great efforts of the judging team, who gave up not just this weekend, but also days for workshops and calibration. The standards of judging in the Irish Competition have been raised significantly this year. Well done all.

Thanks to the organising team for days and nights of work leading up to the event, to make sure everything ran smoothly on the day.

Thanks to our sponsors CMA Astoria and Avonmore for their ongoing committment, ensuring this competition has a future.


Finally, a big thanks to our hosts, Java Republic, who provided a great venue and great support throughout.