Brian Noonan

What’s your name and What did you do prior to coffee?

Brian – Prior to Coffee I held various positions in the medical device industry; Quality, R&D and Regulatory Affairs roles

When and how did you first get into Coffee?

2014. I was buying a Aeropress for travel purposes, I just happened to buy it in Coffee Angel with a bag of coffee – no idea what speciality was – When I brewed the coffee it blew my mind how unique and complex it was. I went straight down the rabbit hole of speciality and have been obsessed ever since.

How did you get involved in SCA?

Through working with Badger and Dodo I had been directly involved in the Speciality scene and after meeting Joe Smith I came on board

What encouraged you to become an ambassador and what area do you cover?

I cover the West of Ireland. Working with great people who are interested in the speciality communities growth and development is something I wanted to be involved with

Where do you see the chapter going with your involvement?

Educating people in the West on all aspects of Speciality, growing the community and hopefully hosting more Coffee events this side of the island

Why would you encourage people to become members of SCA?

It’s a great way to really get involved in the community, have fun with events and expand your network within the industry

What coffee are you currently drinking and how is it brewed?

Badger and Dodo

Ethiopia Worko Sakaro

Chemex (Weekends)/Aeropress (Weekdays)